Locadet between the Black Sea and the Caucasus,Georgia has been inhabited since ancient time. Moreover,the 1800 000 year-old human bones excavated in Dmanisi, southern Georgia,have confirmed that it had also been a cradle of the first Europeans.A variety of political unions had existed on this land well before the kingtoms of Colchis (western Georgia) and Iberia (eastern Georgia) emerged in the 1st millennium BC, both of which are know to us thenks to Greek and Roman writers.Georgians have been cultivating land since ancient times and are said to be the first growers of wheat and vine. they also extracted and worked copper, gold and iron.

Rich in forest and containing sub-tropical coastal lowlands, glaciers and alpine meadow, this country of modest size has always attracted powerful powerful neighbours. Assyria, Achemenian and Sassanian Persia, Greek colonists, Hellenistic monarchies and Roman Empire have many time attempted to subdue it. On the other hand, due to the closeness to these powers, Georgia would familiarise itself with the achievements of the oriental and occidental cultures, and accomplishments of the ancient east or Hellas. This explains the early spread of Christianity in the country. According to ecclesiastical tradition, in the 1st century the Jews from Mtskheta brought the Tunic of Christ from Jerusalem, one of the most sacred relics of Christianity to Georgia, which became a lot of the Holy Virgin. St Mary sent St Andrew the Apostle, St Simon the Canaanite and St Matthias to Georgia to preach the Christian faith, while in the early 4th century, following the teachings of St Nino of Cappadocia Christianity was proclaimed an official religion in eastern Georgia. In 325, the First Council of Nice was attended by a bishop of Pitiunt, a city in western Georgia. Since then the Christianity become inseparable part of national identity for the Georgian people.

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