Medical Tourism in Georgia

Georgia is one of the top destination for medical, cosmetic or dental health care. It is very popular now to travel abroad to get the best medical services and the reasons are very convincing since you save on medical costs, the patients get the best quality medical care and diagnostic services without needing to be on a waiting list, you have the protection of privacy and everybody gets the opportunity to combine a well-deserved vacation with top-notch medical procedures.

But Georgia, Europe is well-renowned for its fertility treatments centers. This country is the best option for couples having problems with conceiving children because these centers provide modern infertility treatments at affordable prices. One of the key reasons for its popularity is the fact that in other European countries surrogacy is still banned, Georgia becoming the top surrogacy destination. Also, the cost of surrogacy in Georgia can’t be compared to other modern European countries or the USA. With highly experienced doctors and expert staff, Georgian medical centers and hospitals provide services of high quality standards.

Georgia is also the country of beautiful smiles, because medical services are developing rapidly and they still remain cost effective. With the best dentist clinics, offering high-quality services to international standards, you will be amazed by the holistic services medical tourism in Georgia has to offer. From helping you choosing the right clinic and doctor, to accompanying assistance and organization of sightseeing tours in Georgia, every clinic strives to provide only the best facilities for the medical travelers.

There are three types of resorts in Georgia - climate, spa and mud-therapy. Climate resort may be mountainous, seaside, forest and valley. Spa resort may be drinking mineral water and medical baths.

There are also resorts with different profiles if they contain several natural medical elements. Resorts there are in Abastumani, Akhtala, Bakhmaro, Borjomi, Bakuriani, Nunisi, Sairme, Surami, Ureki, Shovi, Tskaltubo and so on.

we are offering to our customer-patients to help them to find the best doctors in the best clinics in Georgia: any type of surgery, eye surgery, dental care, cosmetic and plastic service, fertility clinics, hair transplantation, diagnostic service and so on.

Dental Service

We are providing for our customers very good  dental service due to our

Hair Transplatation

Clinic ,,DeaMed“ Esthetic Medicine and Health Centre ,,DeaMed” is equipped with modern diagnostic